Monday, July 18, 2011

Nature Free Screensavers Will Expand Your Living Space

As we promised earlier, this week we have released free screensavers created on the bases of the amazing photos made by Levan Totosashvili. To amire his beautiful gallery of photos, please visit his page on flickr.
Today we offer you 5 screensavers, and within the week we will release all screensavers we made with the help of Levan`s photos.

nfsBridgeSeine free screensaver features water under the bridge. The water is animated. The sound of water creates a relaxing atmosphere.

nfsCastleNeuschwanstein free screensaver features the old Neuschwanstein Castle, which was built in 19th-century on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany.The palace has appeared prominently in several movies and was the inspiration for Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle and later, similar structures.

nfsLakeCascade free screensaver features a beautiful view to a cascade of lakes and small waterfall. The screensaver will help you to escape from the reality and feel the nature.

nfsKarlovyVary free screensaver features one of the streets in Karlovy Vary at night, the town which is located in the western part of the Czech Republic at the confluence of the rivers Teplá and Ohře (Eger), about 120 km from Prague.

nfsEarlyAutumnGouda free screensaver features one of the streets with a water canal in the early morning. There are no people, just water ripples, birds and butterflies revive the street.

All screensaver are animated and have sound background. To learn how to mute a screensaver, please read our FAQ page.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

How does your monitor look with our free screensavers?

It seems that this week our users have confederated and as a result we have received several photos of our users`s monitors featuring our free screensavers. It is really great. We were surprised and pleased at the same time.

Please LIKE us on Facebook to see all photos and maybe even upload your photo of monitor featuring our screensaver on our wall.
We will select the best one and place it near our logo on our facebook page.

This week we have released more new free screensavers, which you will see on our Free Download page.

As always, we'd appreciate your comments and suggestions, so if you think that we've
missed any interesting topic for a screensaver; please feel free to contact us wherever it is convenient for you: Facebook, Twitter or email

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Have a good weekend!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

5 New Free Screensavers: Clouds, Beach, Waterfall, Forest, Aquarium.

Last week we got a few requests from our users to remake some of our Mac screensavers for Windows. So here they are :

nfsAquariumAppleWin free screensaver features an aquarium in the form of an apple with animated fish,
nfsWaterfallinAppleWin is a free screensaver, featuring an animated waterfall inside an apple. The audio background of birdsong and water can be muted.
These screensavers will add your PC the look of Mac.

Also we added three more new screensavers for Windows users.
nfsBeachWave free screensaver features an amazing nature view. The sound of water ripple, the birdsong create a relaxing atmosphere. Just run the screensaver and enjoy. The sound can be muted.

nfsForestWarmth free screensaver features a beautiful forest in summer. Light Beams are appearing through the trees. The butterflies fly from a flower to flower. The slight wind trembles the grass. No sound.

With nfsCloudsWind free screensaver you will find yourself over the clouds. Only the sound of wind and waving clouds will surround you. The sound can be muted.

For Mac users we have released one more mac screensaver. It is created with the help of a picture made by one of our website visitors Levan Totosashvili. He has an amazing gallery at flickr.
Soon our screensavers` users will be able to download screensavers with his wonderful pictures at our website

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Here are new free screensavers.

Today we offer to update your monitor with five new free screensavers.

nfsOlympicCircles and nfsOlypmicSports will inspire you to open new horizons or just to go to a gym or even do daily physical exercises, who knows.

nfsTreesReflected is an amazing free screensaver with a beautiful sound background. A mysterious view will transfer you far away from the bustle and make you feel relax and calm.

nfsWaterfalls07 free screensaver features a beautiful waterfall, flying butterflies and a young deer drinking water from the river which flows close by.

nfsCars01 is dedicated to a popular cartoon Cars! Download it and you will see the gallery of animated cars from the great cartoon of the same name.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekly update from

First of all we congratulate our visitors from USA with Independence Day. Specially for them we have opened a new holiday category Independence day . Be in the patriotic spirit this day with the very own Independence Day screensavers.

Last week we have added lots of new free screensavers on different themes, among which there are
three new screensavers featuring underwater life of home aquariums. The backgrounds used in these screensavers are created by one of our website visitors Nata Romanovich from Belarus, Minsk. She kindly provided us with very beautiful photos of aquariums. You can see here photos and photos from exhibitions at here blog . Though it is written in Russian, you can admire the beautiful photos of the aquariums she created.

Today we have released 5 more screensavers to personalize your monitors.
All screensavers are available on the main page of

nfsAbstraction is a free screensaver on abstraction theme. Light beams are crossing the screen on a light blue background.
nfsBerries free screensaver features several pictures with different berries. All pictures are animated.
nfsFlashButterflyClock is a free clock screensaver on abstraction theme. The clock has a form of a flower, surrounded by flying butterflies.
nfsShrek2 is a free screensavers featuring animated characters from Shrek cartoon, loved by both adults and children.
nfs3DPyramid is a free screensaver on abstraction theme, featuring a rotating pyramid on a yellow background.

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