Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Newfreescreensavers.com Website Upgrade

We are glad to inform you that Newfreescreensavers.com has got three new features: website search bar, tag cloud on wallpapers page, which allow to categories all free wallpapers, and upgraded categories section.

Now visitors of www.newfreescreensavers.com can us a search bar to find a screensaver they need by its name or any other criteria. On a Search results page it is possible to narrow the result by clicking screensavers or wallpapers button. In our opinion, the new bar will definitely speed a process in searching for a desired screensaver and is a good addition to Categories.

Moreover section with categories was also modified. Now when a user click on an arrow near the name of a category, the page won’t reload and a user may select a subcategory without changing a page. If a user wants to see all screensavers located in a category, it is necessary to click on its name and the page will show all, for example, free Christmas screensavers.

We also changed a page with wallpapers a little bit. Now it is possible to categories all free wallpapers with the help of a tag cloud, which is located in the left upper corner of the page Wallpapers. By choosing a necessary tag, for example, nature, animals or any other from the cloud, a user will see free wallpapers on the required theme.

As usual all free screensavers and wallpapers on www.newfreescreensavers.com are safe to install and run.
Christmas and New Year free screensavers and wallpapers

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weekly update of free screensavers and wallpapers.

Hello dear friends,
First of all, Newfreescreensavers.com congratulates you with Thanksgiving Day and wish you all the best! To download free screensavers dedicated to Thanksgiving Day, please visit our category Thanksgiving Day.

Today we have updated our collection of free wallpapers. All of them feature winter landscapes: falling snowflakes, snowy trees, frosty roads. If you wish to see a screensaver with the same pictures, download nfsSnowAndSun free screensaver. Falling snowflakes and shining sun create a magic atmosphere of winter. (Mac version is also available).

Friday, November 18, 2011

5 Next Great Winter Screensavers to Download From www.newfreescreensavers.com until 2012!

So what`s next? We recommend:
1) Christmas and New Year countdown screensavers, which are really helpful and show how many days, minutes and seconds are left till the greatest holidays of the year.

2) If you plan to travel during Christmas holidays, then it is high time to plan holidays. London, Paris, Rome, Karlovy Vary, Venice, Hanover, Sidney and other places, featured in free screensavers from NewFreescreensavers.com, are great places to spend Christmas and New Year vacations. Free screensavers with a city of your Christmas vacation can bring this time closer. This week we have added New York and Moscow.

3) Metro map free screensavers of London Tube, Paris Metro, Rome and other cities will help to plan a city trip in advance. Moreover you still have time till Christmas.

4) nfsCalendarWinter features the coldest season of the year in temperate climates. If you like winter, download nfsCalendarWinter free screensaver and enjoy winter every time when your monitor is idle.

5) What is one of the best things in winter? Falling snowflakes! It is so charming. nfsSnowflakes01 and nfsSnowfall free screensavers will help to create a similar atmosphere inside.

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PS: New Christmas and New Year screensavers are already available in Christmas category.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekly Update of Wallpapers and Screensavers.

We are glad to inform you that our collection of wallpapers is growing.

More flowers, mountains and just nature views in desktop wallpapers will make your computer desktop bright and comfortable to work with.

Thanksgiving Day is coming. We have prepared new screensavers on Thanksgiving Day. They feature beautiful pictures of autumn.
Thanksgiving Day Screensavers

To download free screensavers on Thanksgiving Day, please visit our category Holidays/Thanksgiving Day.

PS: We would like to thank our users, who write their comments and help us in improving our website.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Weekly update of screensavers collection.

Hello dear friends,
Today we announce the update of our screensavers collection.
In today`s release you will find screensavers on different themes:

-abstraction: bubbles, lines and stars
 -nature: glade of flowers, animals, mountain river with nice fairies
 -celebrities : The Beatles and more (mac version of nfsThe Beatles free screensaver is also available.
-computer games screensaver: nfsWorldOfTanks free screensaver.

Also check our Wallpapers page for new free Wallpapers.
Next week: Thanksgiving Day is coming.

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