Monday, May 21, 2012

Update: Wallpapers and Screensavers for Mac and PC

Hello Dear Friends,
We have updated our collections of screensavers and wallpapers.
As usual all screensavers are animated and include clocks that show your local time. 
This time all screensavers are on nature theme, except  nfsCityWater and nfsGreenSpace.

nfsCityWater  is an urban screensaver that features a n animated picture of a big city at night and a digital clock.

nfsGreenSpace is a free space screensaver. It features an unknown planet in space and flying stars.

All screensaver and wallpapers are free to download and run.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Clock Screensavers

New Free Screensavers

 Today we have updated our collection of free screensavers. All screensavers are so called clock screensavers.
Among them we would like to mark out three screensavers:
nfsGamingMachine is a free screensaver and a game in one application. Click the handle and play the game. Use ESC button to exit from the screensaver
nfsLoading free screensaver features a word Loading and a clock on a blue background.
nfsSeaShark is just a very nice cartoon free screensaver. It features a funny shark crossing your screen and a round clock.
Also you will find 3 screensavers on abstraction theme, which features rotating dots and stripes on a black background.
All screensavers are free and safe to download and run and easy to install.
Check back later for the update of our wallpapers collection.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother`s Day Free Screensavers

Hello Dear Friends!
This year Mother’s Day arrives on Sunday, May 13. So has created a few nice Mother`s Day screensavers for this special day, which will both remind you to congratulate your mother with such a nice holiday and be a nice digital gift for a computer-savvy mother.
But the best screensaver for a mum is a screensaver featuring a picture of her child.
To create a screensaver for your mother, follow the instruction:
- create a special folder with the pictures/photos which will be shown in a screensaver, dedicated to Mother`s Day.
- go to Control Panel and open Display or Personalization Properties windows in accordance with the Operation System.
- select the Screensaver tab, and select the created screensaver from the drop-down menu. It is called My Picture Slideshow or Photos, depending on the OS.
Once all the settings are adjusted, click OK.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5 New Screensavers for Mac and PC

Here they are, our new free screensavers. We have decided to add more nature, sun, sea views today. All new nature screensavers show your local time.
nfsSeaDepthClock, free sea life screensaver, is available for both PC and Mac users.


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