Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Managing screensavers is easy and safe!

Upon the multiple requests of screensavers users, NewFreeScreensavers.com has released free NFS Screensavers manager , which allows controlling all screensavers downloaded at a PC.

NFS Screensavers Manager by Newfreescreensavers.com is a free application. It allows to manage multiple screensavers on a computer. Using this program it is easy to select favorite screensavers and make them run as a slide-show:
- in sequential order,
- inversely,
- randomly or
- in alphabetical order.
Also it is possible to adjust time settings. There are 4 variants to show screensavers:
- for infinite time,
- change once a day,
- change each run,
- change every … minutes.
Free NFS Screensavers manager . It is simple to use and requires no technical knowledge. It automatically connects to the folder where the screensavers are saved. It is a free application and runs under XP and Vista.
Now NFS Screensavers Manager supports only English. Next version of the manager will include other languages and new features.

Newfreescreensavers.com welcomes everyone to download Free Screensaver Manager at www.newfreescreensavers.com

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