Wednesday, April 6, 2011

12 New Nature Free Screensavers

Today we have prepared a big update of nature free screensavers. I hope everyone will find a heart-to-heart screensaver: flowers, rivers, animals, waterfalls, leaffalls, sunset, butterflies.
For example, nfsRiveratNight2 free screensaver features a wide river at night or even in early morning, when the nature is sleeping and only birdsong breaks in the silence. Beautiful clouds are mirrored in the water with slight ripples. Even a small house in distance does not ruin the whole picturesque view. The sound effects of the screensaver can be muted.
Upon the request of our screensavers users we have released nfsTurtle free animated screensaver with an audio background, which can be muted. The screensaver features two turtles and a nice waterscape.
Some screensavers do not have sound effects, for example, nfsBadWeather free screensaver featuring a beautiful field with a road. Only sometimes a shaft of lightning pierces the day sky.
All screensavers at are free to download and use.

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