Monday, August 29, 2011

What an Incredible World or Four Seasons in Free Screensavers.

Do you agree that our world is incredible? For some people summer goes to its end while for the others it is the end of winter. In some parts of our world winters are very very cold and in summer the temperature may reach unbelievable high numbers. Ecologists are increasingly using a six-season model for temperate climate regions that includes pre-spring and late summer as distinct seasons along with the traditional four.
In tropical areas a three-way division into hot, rainy, and cool season is used.
In some parts of the world, special "seasons" are loosely defined based on important events such as a hurricane season, tornado season or a wildfire season, which may make the whole world speak about it, like Irene hurricane is doing now.

Nevertheless generally four seasons are recognized (spring, summer, autumn and winter), which we depict in our new calendar screensavers: nfsCalendarWinter, nfsCalendarSpring, nfsCalendarSummer, nfsCalendarAutumn.

You can select what is more suitable for you and for your nature period. All calendar screensavers feature a calendar.

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