Thursday, June 30, 2011

Contest of Summer 2011 from!

Dear friends, announces the contest.
We call it “Best review on”

Write the best review on and Get Free Kindle, an e-book reader.

1) Write a review on our website or screensavers or a separate screensaver with a link to our website.
2) Publish it at your webpage, blog, social website page.
3) Send us the link to your review at our Facebook page or to or Twitter (@NFSscreensavers).
Attention: you have four weeks for the above three steps (from 11 July till 7 August, 2011)!!!
We stop collecting links on 7 August, 2011.
After that
4) We make a poll at our Facebook page, which will continue within two weeks (8 till 21 August, 2011)
Attention: We will announce the Best review on August, 23, 2011 at our blog page.

The Best review will get KINDLE, an e-book reader developed by!
Free, just for the best review on

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