Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father`s Day Screensavers

Hello dear aficionados!
Father’s day is coming and here is our collection of Father`s Day screensavers.
We congratulate all fathers with such a nice holiday and wish you good health and happiness!

In todays release you will also find:
- two flag screensavers: nfsRussianAnalogClock and nfsRussianDigitalClock
- nfsMechclock 3D screensaver
- nfsAquariumAndCat is a free screensaver featuring a black cat looking at a round aquarium with fish. The screensaver includes a calendar and a clokc. Note: Use ESC button to escape from the screensaver
- nfsFathersday screensaver dedecated to Father`s Day.

PS: We recommend you to download and try our Free NFS Screensavers manager

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